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This group will provide life science partnering news and information on events, sectors and topics of interest here on partnering360. Look for upcoming features and discussions intended to maximize your partnering experience.

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  • Insight Highlight: Johnson & Johnson's Innovation Centers

    Check out the latest post at the partnering360 blog that highlights the Insights feature speaking with Robert Urban, leader at the Boston Innovation Center for Johnson & Johnson.

    Last post August 11, 2014 by Jenny Pereira  
  • What is the European Union doing to spur small and mid-sized enterprises in their region?

    They're giving them funds. Why? Head over to the partnering360 blog to find out:

    Last post August 6, 2014 by Jenny Pereira  
  • Strong investor attendance expected at BioPharm America™ this year

    The investment climate is excellent in 2014, and venture capital attendance at BioPharm America™ will be stronger than ever. Investment companies attending include Forbion Capital Partners; Atlas Venture; Teralys Capital; Sanofi-Genzyme BioVentures, Sanofi; MPM Capital; SR One; Third Rock Ventures; Broadview Ventures, Inc.; MS Ventures; Mitsui Global Investment; New Enterprise Associates; MP Healthcare Venture Management; New Leaf Venture Partners; Third Rock Ventures; and Fidelity Biosciences.

    What will the financing environment look like through the end of 2014? Share your views here.

    Registration info is available at

    Last post July 31, 2014 by Erin Righetti  
  • Just 5 days left to present your company’s vision at BioPharm America 2014

    If you are a biotech company looking for a way to convey your innovation strategy to potential partners and investors, consider the presenting company track at BioPharm America™ 2014 in Boston. The deadline to apply to present is Monday, July 7.

    Presenting companies are divided into four distinct tracks. The Biotech company presentation track showcases biotech companies that seek to partner their products, initiate strategic alliances or tap into the international financing network.

    The Midsize Pharma presentation track was truly built by demand, and has been continuously increasing as midsize pharma companies move toward more collaborative approaches in their business strategies.

    The Next Generation presentation track features early stage projects and small entrepreneurial companies that have advanced from academia into an innovation setting.

    And finally, the Academic Innovators™ presentation track features academic researchers and technology transfer offices presenting their project to potential investors.

    There are just a few days left to apply for your presentation slot. Apply at:

    Last post July 3, 2014 by Erin Righetti  
  • FDA issues draft guidance for communicating drug benefits, risks on social media

    By now you have probably heard about yesterday’s issuance by the FDA of draft guidelines that require manufacturers to include risk information when posting on social media. Also issued were FDA guidelines on how drug and device manufacturers should respond to misinformation about their products, either on their own social media or on independent third-party websites, social media and blogs.

    You can read more about it at:

    The guidelines are the FDA’s way to ensure that public health is protected by providing timely and accurate information on drug safety information and contraindications. What it boils down to is, if you are a drug or device manufacturer, and you decide to make a social post about a benefit of one of your products, you are required to list the most serious risks and and a link for more information in the same message or Tweet.

    This could really cramp the style of a lot of social media staff at pharma companies, for starters. Just considering the 140 character limit of Twitter posts, it is already difficult to convey clear and concise information that is also compelling and interesting.

    We would love to hear your opinion on how this will affect your company, in particular. Add your comments.

    Last post June 19, 2014 by Erin Righetti