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This group is a drug delivery partnerships meeting place, focusing on bringing together professionals seeking the latest strategies, industry updates, and networking opportunities to help position your company for a successful partnership/collaboration.

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New Delivery Method to Assist Parkinson's Patients

  • Ryan Geswell

    AbbVie's new Parkinson's drug DUOPA™ (carbidopa and levodopa) was recently approved by the FDA and is delivered straight into the patient's small intestine over a 16 hour period using an infusion pump and procedurally placed tube.

    "The FDA approval of Duopa is another significant milestone for AbbVie's pipeline," AbbVie Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Michael Severino said in a statement. "This advancement is important for patients with advanced Parkinson's disease and their care teams, as it provides a new therapeutic option to help manage motor symptoms."

    The oral delivery of levodopa/carbidopa is notorious for unpredictable absorption and this set off the search for new delivery methods - hence DUOPA and its percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy procedure with jejunal extension, that delivers the drug into the small intestine by bypassing the stomach.

    However, this approval is coming off the heels of the FDA approval of Impax Laboratories' RYTARY which contains both immediate and extended release beads of carbidopa and levodopa. Learn more about RYTARY here:

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    Jan 15, 2015 by Ryan Geswell