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Life Science Partnering

This group will provide life science partnering news and information on events, sectors and topics of interest here on partnering360. Look for upcoming features and discussions intended to maximize your partnering experience.

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Medtech Industry Group

A discussion group open to companies involved in all parts of the advanced medical technology industry, from those serving mainline therapeutic categories such as orthopedics and cardiovascular, through diagnostics, imaging and eHealth to those involved in platform technologies such as biomaterials and regenerative medicine. The forum is also open to companies serving the industry, such as manufacturers, law firms, CROs and distributors.

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Latest content from Nature's Dealmakers

This is a group for readers and participants of Nature's Dealmakers. Please join to see our latest deal trend analysis, therapeutic focuses, company profiles and company presentation webcasts. All content is free.
Visit us at

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Anti-aging Medicines

A forum for discussion of challenges and progress in the development of anti-aging medicines.

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BioPharm America 2016 | Official Forum

Join the BioPharm America 2016 forum for:

- Official event announcements, posts and e-mails
- The latest buzz about confirmed speakers, panels and off-site events
- BioPharm America general discussion: Tips/advice, experiences, travel and transportation info, partnering questions answered, etc.

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partnering360 - user forum

Join this group to be the first to hear about new features when they are announced on partnering360. You can also give us suggestions about ideas for new features. We are happy to receive your feedback!

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NanoTech France Networking Group

Nanotech France 2016 brings together leading scientists, researchers, engineers, practitioners, technology developers and policy makers in nanotechnology to exchange information on their latest research progress and innovation in the area of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience.

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United States Health Care Insights: From Policy to Practice

IIR’s healthcare division brings together key stakeholders from across the industry. From federal and state government officials to health plan executives to hospital systems and service providers, our community provides unique content and unrivaled networking opportunities so you gain everything you need to drive down costs and increase the quality of care you provide.

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Partnerships in Clinical Trials

This group is for professionals interested in best practices on forming, managing and sustaining successful clinical outsourcing partnerships. It is associated with the Partnerships in Clinical Trials Event.

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Business of Biosimilars

Business of Biosimilars strives to deliver crucial and exclusive knowledge about the compliance and commercialization hurdles that professionals in the face on a day-to-day basis. Join us for insight to help your company stay on top of the latest regulatory developments while capitalizing on new and untapped markets.

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