What will you find on partnering360?

partnering360® provides you with a personalized connection to the global life science dealmaking community. It is also the best way of maximizing your experience of attending an EBD Group partnering event, or events that use partneringONE as their partnering engine.

  • Built-in social network
    With robust functionality and features like profile updating, contact activity information, adding connections and much more, partnering360 takes your partnering experience to the next level
  • A more personal face to the world
    Sometimes you remember people by face, sometimes by name. partnering360's profile pages helps you to put a name to a face.
  • Complete meeting follow-up and prep
    Access to your entire partneringONE meeting request archive gives you more effective meeting preparation and follow-up.
  • Targeted communications
    An effectively targeted profile and messaging support your partnering success.
  • State-of-the-art, one-to-one “connectability”
    No matter your focus or position, partnering360 has potential partners for you.

Advanced features

partnering360's content and consulting partners

Current Partnering – Life science intelligence for deal makers
Providing excellence in life science partnering, we are the only deal making reports publisher. Our insights, statistic, and articles cover all aspects of biopharma deal making giving users the knowledge and expertise to confidently optimize their partnering activities.
Current Agreements – Powerful intelligence for life science deal makers
Discover, monitor, benchmark and identify partnering, M&A, financing deals and opportunities in the global life sciences industry. Search easily through almost 40,000 categorized deals and get concise results fast.
Datamonitor Healthcare Consulting combines the methods of a market analysis leader with the strategic vision of a trusted advisor to support you in making informed, timely investment decisions. Drawing on our consulting and client-side backgrounds, we work from a position of deep industry understanding to deliver insights and actionable advice that address your unique business needs.