Kancera AB

Sweden, Solna
Kancera is a pharmaceutical company developing a new generation of medicines to overcome therapy resistance and relapse of aggressive cancer and inflammatory disease.

* small molecule Fractalkine receptor (CX3CR1) antagonist, an IND ready compound under evaluation currently in FTIM studies, adressing the innate immune system pathology in cancer and orphan autoimmune disesases

* inhibitors... of a novel onco-fetal receptor tyrosine kinase named ROR-1 regulating survival/apoptosis

* the cancer metabolic target PFKFB3 recently shown by Kancera and collaborators to be a powerful regulator of DNA repair and synergistic with PARPi.

* unique HDAC6 inhibitors with high level of selectivity within the HDAC family of proteins and regulating migration and survival both in cancer and cancer associated fibroblasts

Kancera is well positioned to bridge between preclinical and clinical studies through close collaboration with strong academic and clinical researchers.


Main sector Biotechnology - Therapeutics
Subsector Small molecules