Sweden, Malmö
Start-up pharma company PILA PHARMA AB (PILA) addresses the issue of the global diabetes pandemia by developing an oral drug for treatment of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic patients.

PILA is based in Malmö, Sweden and was founded by CEO Dorte X. Gram in 2014. The national swedish investement fund ALMI Invest has invested in the company, ALMI Företagspartners has awarded an innovation loan... and recently a smaller new shares emission for private investors was successfully completed within 2 weeks.

PILA PHARMAs owns proprietary use-patents on treating diabetes of obesity with TRPV1 antagonists (spun off from Novo Nordisk A/S in 2008 when Novo Nordisk A/S decided to strategically focus on developing injectable peptide-based drugs only).
In march 2016, PILA PHARMA acquired Ario Pharmas TRPV1 asset including the clinical ready and safe development candidate XEN-D0501.

PILA PHARMA has obtained regulatory green light to move XEN-D0501 forward into safety trials in type 2 diabetic patients and is currently being initiated.

We seek investors for the following efficacy trials in type 2 diabetic patients and potential exit-partners.


Main sector Biotechnology - Therapeutics
Subsector Small molecules