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Puerto Rico poised to tackle development of a HIV-AIDS vaccine


Not since the 2009 RV144 vaccine efficacy trial in Thailand has there been so much excitement about the development a HIV-AIDS vaccine.


Dr. Martin Montoya is a molecular biologist with the Molecular Science Research Center at the University of Puerto Rico, and Dr. Abel Baerga Ortiz is a biochemist with the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine in the Department of Biochemistry.


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Aging R&D takes center stage at BIO-Europe®


Guest post by John Carroll, Co-Founder and Editor of Endpoints


Last spring I was fascinated to read a story about seniors lobbying to get into a study that was being created to examine the impact metformin has on aging. One of the biotech execs I know has been taking metformin in a kind of n=1 study of his own. And in a recent Forbes interview, Arch Venture Partners’ Robert Nelsen included the generic diabetes drug in his own personal recipe of drugs, vitamins and supplements aimed at spurring a longer, better life.


Nelsen doesn’t just pursue this as his own personal passion, he also invests the VC’s money in the field, backing Unity Biotech, which is at the very beginning stages of developing therapies that can safely sweep away aging, or senescent, cells that start to clutter the body. (No easy task.) (more…)

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A glimpse into Pharma’s partnering world

Guest post by Doro Shin, Thought Leadership Manager at Informa Pharma Intelligence


Fortune Magazine once stated, “Alliances have become an integral part of contemporary strategic thinking,” and the pharma industry is no stranger to this concept. In fact, an upcoming whitepaper to be released at next month’s BIO-Europe® in Cologne, Germany, did find that the current state of drug development is indeed a collaborative endeavor, and the majority of companies, both public and private, possess partnered products within their pipelines. Within the remainder of the report, Partnering in the Pharma world: BIO-Europe® and Industry trends 20122015, Pharma Intelligence delves into the world of collaboration within the industry to gain insight into this oft-used strategy, overall and within the ever popular oncology space. (more…)

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EBD Group’s partnering community reaches 36,000+ members


Organic partnerships, dealmaking and licensing opportunities are hard won in this industry. The sheer time and resources it takes to build relationships and formulate quality business deals can be an exhaustive process.


That’s where EBD Group’s digital partnering applications have bridged the gap.



The Early Days

What started out nearly two decades ago as a system to facilitate networking opportunities at specific EBD Group industry conferences, has now become a robust, 24/7 world-class online solution with more than 36,000 engaged online members actively seeking to form quality relationships and deals within the industry.   (more…)

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Are your business development skills getting you the results you want?

The BIO Advanced Business Development course

Companies value executives who can think on their feet, and not only conceive of winning strategies, but execute on those strategies, according to a recent Harvard Business Review article.


Business development professionals are busy people. For one, there are all those relationships to keep up. It’s hard to find time to hone essential skills that can close a deal. And while some might say that business development is a function of sales, others would say it is a marketing function. Ultimately, the customer is the endgame for both, and the best BD executives use a blended approach. The Forbes article “What, Exactly, Is Business Development?” defines BD as “the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.” No matter how you define it, it’s the strategy that gets you there. (more…)

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Protecting your IP: Checklist

In biotechnology you cannot get very far without solid IP. For a startup company, having a solid IP strategy is an essential requirement to maximizing value. Muna Abu-Shaar, PhD, Founder of Biospark Intellectual Property Law, presented core elements to protecting IP during Biotech Startup Day in Boston. Here is what we learned: (more…)

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Top tips from investors on pitching your company from BioPharm America™ 2016


A group of seasoned biotech investors gathered this week at BioPharm America™ to meet with innovative biotech companies, and to participate in “The Perfect Pitch: Do you have what it takes to win over investors?” as pitch judges. The session gave participants the opportunity to give a 30-second elevator pitch to win a one-to-one meeting with a leading life science private equity investor.


Doug MacDougall of MacDougall Biomedical Communications moderated the session, and seven investor judges sat on the panel, including: Sinclair Dunlop of Epidarex Capital; Carolyn Green of Pfizer Worldwide R&D, ERDI; Sam Hall of Appletree Partners; Rick Jones of Broadview Ventures; Dennis J. Purcell of Aisling Capital; Jeremy Springhorn of Flagship Ventures; and David Steinberg of PureTech.


Michael Winlo and Simon Scott of Linear Clinical Research Limited

The winner of the competition was Michael Winlo, CEO of Linear Clinical Research Limited who pitched on his Perth, Australia-based dedicated early phase clinical trials facility.


But Winlo is not the only winner, since the best tips from the investors are provided here for you, below: (more…)

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Finance through the lifecycle


Today at BioPharm America, a high profile panel of biotech financiers encompassing traditional and corporate VCs tried to agree on a model for funding newer companies, and getting to a successful exit point. Editas participated in this panel playing the part of poster child for raising huge amounts of money and having a successful IPO. (more…)

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Companies to Watch: Biotech IPOs, where do we go from here?


One constant thread that runs through most biotech financing conversations these days centers on the biotech IPO market. After a tsunami of biotech offerings crashed into Wall Street from early 2013 to well into 2015, the wave inevitably crashed in a classic bear market reckoning.


But that doesn’t mean the biotech IPO window was shut. Instead, we’ve continued to see a reduced flow of new IPOs, and recently there have been some upbeat signs that investors may be regaining some of their old appetite for these risky affairs. (more…)

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Report reveals critical role of partnering for future big pharma pipelines

A close look at projected changes in the Top 10 drugs by revenue between 2015 and 2023 reveals a significant downward trend in combined revenue. From 2015 to 2023 the combined revenue of the current Top 10 drugs will fall by 34% from USD 83 billion to USD 56 billion. The new Top 10 drugs in 2023 are expected to have a combined revenue of USD 68 billion, considerably less than today’s combined Top 10. In fact by 2023 a drug will only need revenue of USD 4 billion to make it into the Top10 vs USD 5 billion today. (more…)

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Getting orphan drugs approved and to the patient is what drives Tim Coté, CEO of Coté Orphan

Tim Coté, CEO,Coté Orphan

Dr. Tim Coté is a no-nonsense guy. The principal and chief executive officer of Coté Orphan is as passionate about orphan drug filings as he is pragmatic. Ask him about lofty theoretical viewpoints on curing disease and you might get a short answer. But ask him about how to get your orphan drug designation application through the FDA to approval and you will unleash the inspiration behind his boutique full-service regulatory group laser focused on orphan drugs, Coté Orphan.


Tell me about Coté Orphan and your objective.


I was the former Director of the FDA’s Office of Orphan Products Development (OOPD), and in that capacity signed off 1,400 orphan drug indications, awarding designations to 800 and withholding approval of 600. I saw 150 orphan drugs go all the way to market approval. I started this consultancy four to five years ago at my kitchen table. Someone asked if I could write one a regulatory filing and then the floodgates opened. Now we have 25 employees, many with PhDs, and we do work here and in Europe. Business is booming for orphans, business is hot. (more…)

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